I don’t know if that forced isolation is completely clouding the brain, but I’m terrified of the endless conspiracies and huge malice that are spreading around the world of the Internet. Even from people I know, and I would never believe they would be up to something like that. I don’t want to write pathetically that we got what we deserved in the form of Covid 19, or that the nature punishes us. Although we really deserved it. I don’t want to make fun of how our megalomania and egoism got beaten up and we crawled back in fear of an invisible small microorganism. Our cities are deserted, and we suddenly don’t need a new mobile phone, TV, car, jeans, sneakers and whatnot. We can scale back with the purchase of essential food. We stay in our houses and flats, but when you go out and listen carefully, you have to perceive the joyful laughter that spreads across the planet. This makes the nature’s belly dance. Covid 19 is actually a gift! It’s a chance, maybe the last, for us humans. Chance that our sanity will return. 

That’s why it scares me when I read or hear how those who believe in their own greatness claim divinely that they beat Covid. Blinded by themselves, detached from reality, they can no longer understand that we cannot and should not win over the virus. All we can do is to win over ourselves. 

The virus is a completely negligible phenomenon. It’s actually just a good opportunity to think. After all, the virus will not take even a millionth of lives compared to the ones we take. We are much more dangerous to the planet. Whether we admit it or not it is the indisputable fact that we are the modern plague, and not Covid. I have kilometres of footage of how we have totally devastated natural ecosystems around the world. Maldives, Thailand, Egypt, Mexico, Galapagos, Philippines, Japan, Tonga, South Africa, Mozambique, Comoros, Faroe Islands from Indonesia Bali, Nusa Penida, Komodo, Papua, Sulawesi, Allor and many more. Terrible findings about us and our greed. We have turned even the most amazing corners of the world into dead, lifeless ruins. We are the ones who have spread all over the world and the uncontrolled growth of tourism has uncompromisingly decimated entire natural habitats and entire indigenous populations. I filmed several times in the national park on the island of Komodo, the local monitor lizards and Timur deer, until I lived to see that I had to drive them into the tall grass so that I would not have the rubbish in the shot. Today it is a general phenomenon and even the most picturesque beaches in the world are contaminated with our waste. I’ve been to Nusa Penide five times, and right in front of our eyes, it has changed from an idyllic place on a sewer of dirt in ten years, where you also have to put up a lot of traffic jams to get to the beach. We have defiled the world because we do not go to explore and admire. We go because we can afford it, we have no idea what humility is, we just need to brag and convince ourselves and our surroundings of our uniqueness.

Now that I listen how we need to ratify the economy and how we are recklessly going to make our children further into debt and our children’s children even more, it makes me sad. Is it really necessary to remind you that nature was here long before we started printing money? That we, even with what we call the economy, are only part of it? Will we never learn from the fact that human civilizations have perished precisely because humans have devastated natural ecosystems? Back then, centuries ago, these were only small, local areas. However, we are unlucky that our civilization has captured the whole world, it is global, and its consequences are global. Are we really so fooled by modern advertising magicians that we still believe that the meaning of life is to increase consumption and accumulate material goods? How long will we buy those quantities of unnecessary things like if we were out of our minds? Only politicians need constant economic growth, which is the criterion for their success. For us normal people, quality of life is first and foremost associated with the quality of the environment that surrounds us.

One absurd example of the present day. States are going to ratify airlines. They are going to provide them with support in billions of euros or dollars. But this crisis is above all their crisis. Uncontrolled, often with the support of their own governments, airlines have grown to gigantic proportions. Regardless of the natural capacities of ecosystems. Thanks to them, tourism has significantly contributed to the drastic change of the planet. I will never understand how a ticket to England can cost just a few euros. When I now look at the sky above Zobor, which was intersected by dozens of lines of aircraft engines at any moment before the crisis, I see only a sky-blue, interspersed with white clouds. That should stay as long as possible. The two hundred thousand planes that carried our arrogance and ruthlessness to all corners of the world every day, and which eventually dismantled Covid as well, should remain on the ground as long as possible. At least until we realize that the life we have lived, full of greed, selfishness, indifference and pride, is incompatible with the future of our civilization. At least until we understand what humility is. Then we will achieve victory. Not over Covid, but over ourselves. In the name of the future of our descendants and in the name of life on our planet.

Text: Jaroslav Blaško