On 30 May 2019, the V4 Conference on Partnership Building for Implementation of the 2030 Agenda and Innovative Ways of Meeting Sustainable Development Goals took place in Bratislava. Panel 3 was dedicated to education for sustainable development and its practical results. Borrowed Planet was represented there at the invitation of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic. Mgr. Imrich Jakab, PhD, who is the soul and decisive creator of Expert Methodological Guides for Educational Practice – Borrowed Planet was one of guests in Panel 3.

I was particularly interested in the fact that the OECD’s Education and Skills representative, a keynote speaker Dirk Van Damme, stated in his presentation following key theses: we must strive – to change the attitudes of young people, – and for greater engagement and responsible lifestyle. It seemed as if he read central points from our presentation for schools, which we prepared for last week’s meetings with primary school teachers in the regional cities of the Slovak Republic.

Another important knowledge from the conference is that other central points from our presentation have been confirmed. For example, that we still have problem to clearly formulate what it means to live our lives in a way that is consistent with the sustainable development of our civilization, and consequently the fact that our work makes sense. We participate in fulfilling the most important role of our civilization, what the sustainable development undoubtedly is, and we also bring innovative methods and have a unique opportunity to succeed not only in Slovakia.

Jaroslav Blaško