An island of evil spirits

“Požičaná planéta I.” (Borrowed Planet)

Country: Indonesia

Main topic: Preservation of cultural heritage.

Cultural heritage is a concentrated historical experience of human civilization, nation, or community, the basis of which is the level of knowledge achieved and the way of life derived from it. It is extremely important for today’s civilization that different cultures be able to live in peace and get to know, understand and enrich each other.

Thanks to historical circumstances, the Indonesian island of Bali has created a mystical culture with the worship of many good and evil gods and spirits, which includes the belief that spirits are present in all living and inanimate natural realities. Bali is a unique example of how cultural heritage is formed and how it affects us. When creating the documentary about the ocean sunfish (Mola mola), it was important to understand the bizarre world of mysticism and harmony so that we could perceive nature and life through the eyes of Balinese.

The film won the award: 2nd place at the MFPF in the High Tatras