“Požičaná planéta“ (Borrowed Planet) I.

Country: Mexico, Slovakia

Main topic: Alienation of people to nature

Humans have arrogantly separated themselves from nature and are very intensively occupying and industrializing the entire planet. For most of us, nature becomes only a source of raw materials for the sky-high growth of our consumption. At the same time, we are destroying living conditions for wild animals. At the end of 2020, the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) published a report that two-thirds of wildlife had become extinct since 1970.

It is strange that animals whose populations have been decimated by humans are able to hear the human desire to meet. Why do seals and whale mothers allow their young to come into direct contact with humans? What does their maternal instinct whisper to them? Do they feel that the survival of their young depends on their relationship with us? What do we need to do to live together with humans and wildlife?