Queen of Carpathian Mountains

“Požičaná planéta I.” (Borrowed Planet)

Country: Slovensko  

Main topic: Ochrana životného prostredia.

A unique fish lives in Slovak mountain rivers – Danube salmon. A new predator – Great Cormorant – appears on the banks of Slovak mountain rivers. Originally, the cormorant population in Europe was threatened. However, their protection has been so effective that cormorants have multiplied and need new wintering grounds. Those are located on Slovak mountain rivers, which results in the devastation of their aquatic habitats.

The Danube salmon and the Great Cormorant are becoming symbols of the struggle between fish protectors and bird protectors. This results in the killing of cormorants, protected animals, being elevated to a method of nature conservation. Are people able to really protect their environment?

The film won awards: Grand Prix at the International Underwater Film Festival (MFPF) High Tatras, Slovakia, 1st place in the professional film category PAF (international festival of underwater (diving) film, photography and children’s art,) Tachov, Czech Republic, 3rd place at MFPF Belgrade, Serbia, and others