Rich or poor

Borrowed Planet I.

Country: Philippines

Main topic: Quality of Life

Accumulated material goods have become a decisive criterion for assessing the quality of life, and people are willing to destroy their environment because of them.

Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos associate the idea of a better quality of life with Manila or other large cities. In order to obtain resettlement funds, they are willing to destroy the habitats of the picturesque islands on which they live. They fish on coral reefs with dynamite, or kill protected animals, such as the world’s largest, elegant ocean whale sharks (Rihncodon typus), because of the fins sold at the Chinese market at $ 800 a kilogram. They are able to devastate their environment for immediate material benefit. When they manage to accumulate enough funds and move to large cities, where hopelessness and life in the slum await them.

Will people ever believe that wealth is not measured by material goods? That the real richness of their lives is the richness of the nature that surrounds them?

The film won the award: Award of the Mayor of Pribylina MFPF High Tatras