“Požičaná planéta II.” (Borrowed Planet)

Country: Republic of South Africa, Cuba, Galapagos, Indonesia

Main topic: Sustainable management of natural resources. 

Shark fin soup is one of the biggest nonsenses in human consumption. At first, she was a lordly debauchery of members of the imperial family. As the incomes of Chinese communities around the world grow in modern times, so does the pointless demand for absurd soup. More and more people can afford it and the easier it is to catch a shark. Thus began the worldwide trade in shark fins. The bad reputation of sharks, supported by fictional rumors and Hollywood movies, has resulted in widespread indifference to killing them.

It has gone so far that one hundred million sharks are killed every year. The genocide of these predators at the top of the food chain is reflected in the state of aquatic ecosystems. It is scientifically proven that not only is there a risk of extinction of sharks, but their absence results in the extinction of entire aquatic habitats, such as coral reefs.

All because of the soup, which is a sad example of how deep we are stuck in a dead end of consumption.

The film won the award: 2nd place of MFPF High Tatras