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“Požičaná planéta II.” (Borrowed Planet)

Country: Slovakia, Egypt

Main topic: Education, training and personal example

A young Slovak girl defies fate and with the help of water can overcome complex health problems. Instead of living in a wheelchair, she prepares to break the world record. She wants to dive to a depth of 105 meters for one breath.

Water has given it a new meaning in life, and by its actions she wants to draw people’s attention to the fragility of natural habitats and the crushing power of contemporary human civilization. She realizes how important it is to show others the power of a positive example, and at the same time she dreams of dedicating his next life to helping aquatic habitats.

Meeting Katarína is also a challenge for me. I always thought that must be an exceptional reason to go to extreme depths. And that reason had finally found me and I have nothing left but to accept it with humility.

The film won the award: 3rd place of MFPF High Tatras