Whales crying

“Požičaná planéta II.” (Borrowed Planet)

Country: Japan, Indonesia, Tonga, Azores

Main topic: Sustainable technical progress.

Mankind has made amazing technological advances but has fatally fallen behind human mental development. Whales have become a symbol of the senseless misuse of human technological progress and the plundering of nature. Their status was not decimated in order to feed people. They were mass-killed to make their bodies into industrial oils, shoelaces, pet food, or even fertilizer. Some populations were completely wiped out, with only a few dozen left. Twenty-one species of these mammals are listed in the Red Book of Endangered Animals. Despite a general ban on hunting, there are still countries that continue to kill them. If we allow the singing of whales to disappear from the oceans, then the Earth will remain only a place for the last cry. Crying people.

The film won the award: 3rd place of MFPF High Tatras