Dragon Code

Požičaná planéta III. (Borrowed planet)

Country: Indonesia, Komodo

Main topic: Biodiversity Preservation

On the island of Komodo, in the state of Indonesia, where people live in conditions that we in the west consider poor, a prehistoric animal survived the Komodo dragon. The islanders did not get greedy from the meat of Ora, as they call them in the native language, nor were they overwhelmed by the desire to dress or put their shoes on from their leather. They did not even exterminate the Timur deer and water buffalo which the monitor lizards feed on. Only thanks to this exceptional behavior of humans, it was possible to place Komodo dragons among the 7 modern natural wonders of the world. But why a dragon? Don’t the people who live with him on the islands deserve the title? Can we even admit that knowing the lives and traditions of these people could enrich us?