Natural selection

Požičaná planéta III. (Borrowed Planet)

Krajina: Ecuador, Galapagos

Hlavná téma: Preservation of natural heritage

The diversity of the Galapagos’ nature, especially the different shapes of the pink beaks on the individual islands, led Charles Darwin to a theory of natural selection. Due to increasing tourism and overfishing, the Galapagos were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2007. Nevertheless, the population is growing, tourism is booming and thanks to the new restaurants the fishing is flourishing, and the islands are devastating livestock. In 2010, the Galapagos were removed from the list due to the “efforts” of the Ecuadorian government. Natural selection again. This time, the people and the country owning the unique world heritage have chosen the path of consumption. After ten years, we return to document what has changed. The number of tourists is twenty times larger than the recommendations of scientists and the number of aquatic animals is 70 percent smaller.