Where is the life going?

Požičaná planéta III. (Borrowed planet)

Country: the Republic of South Africa, Slovakia

Main topic: Sustainable farming

Every year, the largest gathering of life on our planet takes place on the coast of South Africa. Billions of sardines will form a herd several kilometers long and hundreds of meters wide. Whales, dolphins, sharks, tuna, birds, but also humans and many other predators attack from all sides. We have been trying to film this natural theater for three years, but Sardin Run is a thing of the past. The current reality is that huge floating factories in southern Africa will be able to catch sardines before they approach the shores of the continent.

While we are only looting the oceans, people have been learning to farm on land for millennia. Even our grandfathers left the balks between the fields and the ground to rest. We are destroying it with chemicals and we do not want to see how much biodiversity suffers because of it.