Age of Waste

Požičaná planéta IV. (Borrowed Planet)

Country: Slovakia, Indonesia, Comoro Islands, Pacific Ocean

Main topic: Pollution, waste and its impact on the environment

One of the key aspects of sustainable development is the question of how humanity can cope with waste. The rapid growth of the human population and even sharper growth in consumption bring with them a modern phenomenon that affects the entire planet. Huge and still unmanaged amount of waste. Waste is the result of the relentless laws of demand and supply, and the expansion of the consumer society that has dominated what is happening on Earth, includes several aspects of sustainable development as well as the dark sides of the current human mentality. The result is a huge waste. People are far from consuming everything they buy.  It is a paradox of today’s reality and a great disgrace to our civilization at the same time that while every ninth person is hungry, Europe and North America have problems with food waste that they do not have time to consume. In Slovakia alone, one million tons of food end up in waste containers a year, which represents about 179 kilograms per capita. It is an even greater shame that we have allowed new islands to form on our planet from human waste, which are taking on gigantic proportions. The starting point is waste management and its secondary use.