Doomed islands

Požičaná planéta IV. (Borrowed Planet)

Krajina: Maldives, Thailand, Austria, the Arctic

Hlavná téma: Climate change

The Maldives is scattered like pearl necklaces in the Indian Ocean. Nineteen atolls with 1100 islands, covered with palm trees and white sand beaches. For many, they symbolize an earthly paradise. The islands are flat and none of them is higher than three meters. This is the biggest risk of the islands. Global warming and the melting of glaciers pose a threat that the islands will end up below sea level. Already in 2008, the Maldivian government set up a fund to buy land for the inhabitants of the flooded islands. The risk is huge and the time to take measures that would at least slow down the demise process is shortening rapidly.

On the other hand, the process of destruction has begun long time ago. Ei Niño, is a recurring phenomenon of warming sea water in the Atlantic. To justify ourselves, we call each large-scale warming of ocean waters. And several of them are resulting in the mass extinction of corals in the Maldives and Thailand. We call this the coral bleaching. It is a process during which, due to climate change and the consequent high-water temperature, corals leave symbiotic algae, which supply them with 95 percent of nutrients. This leads to their complete destruction.