Lost civilization

Požičaná planéta IV. (Borrowed Planet)

Counrty: Mexico, Slovakia, Asia

Main topic: Sustainable human settlements and landscape management

From the vast Empire of the Maya, thanks to human barbarism, only what nature has preserved has been preserved. In the 9th century, their cities suddenly became depopulated and descended. The main causes of the sudden extinction of the Mayan civilization were: the escalation of conflicts, the cost of the royal court, but above all the provable population explosion and exaggerated urbanization and the associated lack of land, food, water and the destruction of the surrounding nature.

Doesn’t the fate of the Mayans remind us of anything from us? Is humanity at all able to learn from its own history and begin to behave responsibly towards its planet? Here are some examples of good and bad practice in building today’s human settlements and managing the country.