SS Under Mount Sinai

Požičaná planéta IV. (Borrowed planet)

Country: Egypt

Main topic: Populačná explózia a rast ľudskej spotreby.

The Sinai Peninsula is not a very hospitable place. Until recently, only two dozen small Bedouin tribes lived in this area. That is why it is one of the few cities on earth that has not fundamentally changed its looks after millennia of human civilization. The poorer the land, the richer the surrounding sea. Thanks to the invention of aqualung, diving has become a new tourism industry. It is this place, untouched for centuries by human civilizations, that is a prime example of the drastic changes brought about by the uncontrolled growth of human consumption. The SS Thistlegorm is a legendary wreck discovered by the legendary diver J.Y. Cousteau. It is probably the most beautiful wreck of the world’s seas and is visited by tens of thousands of divers every year. Unfortunately, it, like the coral reefs, is an example of how destructive boundless consumption and the human pursuit of profit are.