Borrowed Planet for Schools

If we accept that the most important task of our civilization is to ensure our future development sustainable, then we can no longer allow that it would not concern our children ‘s education and upbringing. The role of the school is education, which goals are attitude change, civic engagement and responsible lifestyle. The education of a new generation of people, for whom environmental protection will become a natural mental asset, and respect for nature and the protection of life, not just human life, will be the most important criterion for their decision-making and action.

The purpose of the cooperation is to create modern teaching aids that combines documentary, written text, and expert methodological guide for pedagogical practice with environmental activities. These are designed for teachers to work with pupils and are based on motivation, creative approach, and linking each topic with region and the personal experience of pupils. In this way, we are able to achieve a global versus local view of the problem in each topic. The result is a systemic solution that does not require any changes in curriculum and which follow-up on school informatisation.

The “Borrowed Planet” project would not make sense if we could not transform the most important sustainable development topics into an engaging and understandable form for pupils and students in primary and secondary schools. Therefore, we have established cooperation with the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (CPU). Members of the project implementation team are: Prof. RNDr. František Petrovič, PhD. Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of CPU in Nitra, member of Slovak Ecological Society by the Slovak Academy of Sciences, expert on sustainable development; Mgr. Imrich Jakab, PhD. Assistant Professor at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences of CPU in Nitra, expert on environmental education, didactics of ecology and environmental sciences and subject didactics; PaedDr. Soňa Grofčíková, PhD. Assistant Professor at the Department of Education at the Faculty of Education of CPU in Nitra.