Nothing is more important

Climate change, loss of biodiversity, devastation of natural habitats, environmental pollution, or a dizzying ecological debt is the reality of what is happening on Planet Earth. Our civilization is facing the most important task in human history. Achieve sustainable development (SD). It is an extremely challenging task because it requires a fundamental change in people’s attitudes. Its fulfillment remains on the shoulders of our children. We can only help them by teaching them how to live their lives so that they do not threaten the existence of future generations.

Donate 2% OZ Borrowed Planet to Schools

“Borrowed Planet” is a modern comprehensive educational program using documentaries, literary works and environmental activities for education and training for sustainable development in schools and families. It brings key themes of sustainable development such as climate change, biodiversity protection, pollution, etc., in order to raise awareness, contribute to changing attitudes, civic engagement and responsible lifestyle.

Support the Borrowed Planet Project

Our goal is that the “Borrowed Planet” project for primary and secondary schools is free of charge. We will also organize trainings for teachers in all regional cities free of charge and support the implementation of the project through 16 TV journalistic programs, which we prepare in cooperation with the RTVS studio in Banská Bystrica. Therefore, we kindly ask you – companies, foundations, social organizations and all citizens who identify with the goals of our project – to support the “Borrowed Planet” project. Become Project Partners, Planet Friends, and “Borrowed Planet” Club Members!

Support from European Union Funds

Thanks to financial support from European Union funds, the company dive 2000 production, s.r.o. a project entitled “Support in the cultural sector for job creation.” The activities of the project lead to the creation of an audiovisual center capable of producing top audiovisual works, and the pilot program is “Borrowed Planet”.