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Climate change, biodiversity loss, devastation of natural habitats, pollution of the environment, or dizzying ecological debt – this is the reality of current events on the planet Earth. Our civilization faces the most important role in human history – to achieve sustainable development. This is an extremely challenging task because it requires a fundamental change in people’s attitudes. Its fulfilment remains on the shoulders of our children and we can only help them by teaching them how to live their lives so that they do not endanger the existence of future generations.

We are nominated for the European Business Awards for the Environment 2020

Through 16 unique film documentaries, numerous stories, more than 200 environmental activities designed for primary school and family education, the “Borrowed Planet” Project raises key themes for sustainable development. It has the ambition to contribute to changing people’s attitudes, engaging and understandable environmental education at school and in the family, and ultimately to responsible lifestyles and civic engagement in the name of climate protection and biodiversity.

What is our aim?

Trailer for the cycle “Borrowed planet”

“Borrowed Planet” is a project that raises key themes for sustainable development and by linking unique film documentaries, written text and environmental activities to education in schools and families is a modern, comprehensive learning tool that helps to understand, in an engaging and particularly understandable way, what changes in attitudes and action by people requires the preservation of climate, biodiversity and a sustainable way of life.


Our goal is to bring the “Borrowed Planet” Project to schools and families and to gain broad support for the idea of sustainable development. To organize educational seminars in all regional cities and also to support the implementation of the Project through 16 TV news programs that we prepare with the RTVS studio in Banská Bystrica. Therefore, we kindly ask all companies, foundations, social organizations and all the citizens who identify with the Project objectives to support the Project. Become a Project Partner. More about the possibilities of the Project support here.


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