Partnership for the planet

Nothing is more important! The overriding concern of our civilisation, nations and all people is to stop the creation of a gigantic ecological debt and our associated negative impact on natural ecosystems. No one can save the world alone, and it is essential for the future of life on our planet that we take and implement measures together as widely as possible to ensure that the further development of our civilisation is sustainable and that the increase in our well-being does not come at the expense of nature and our environment. That is why it is important that we unite, that we contribute together to a social consensus, that we realise that what unites us all is our Earth, the fate of our children and of future generations. For all this not to be a utopia, we must strive to educate a new generation. Smarter and more responsible than us. This is what the Požičaná planéta programme aims to contribute to.

Building Partnerships for the planet aims to bring the "Požičaná planéta" programme to primary and secondary schools in the country. As far as possible, at least one set from each topic field free of charge. We will also organize free educational seminars for teachers, parents and other interested parties in all regional cities to facilitate the implementation of the program. Therefore, we kindly ask everyone, companies, foundations, social organizations and all citizens to support the "Požičaná planéta" programme.

Become a partner of the Požičaná planéta programme!

The importance of partnership

Our civilisation faces the most important task in the history of mankind. Ensure our future development is sustainable. The role of our generation is, above all, to help our children and prepare them to fulfil this role. Partnership for the planet is for all those who have the opportunity and interest to support education and awareness on sustainable development and environmental protection.

Forms of partnership 

  • General partner of the programme
  • Main partner of the programme
  • Partner of the programme

Benefit for partners 

  • presentation of the company's policy on sustainable development and environmental protection
  • participation in filming, unique film footage for corporate advertising
  • advertising in the credits of 20 documentaries of the "Požičaná planéta" series,
  • advertising in publications "Požičaná planéta I.-V.",
  • advertising in the "Professional methodological manuals for pedagogical practice I-V",
  • advertising during seminars and training events,
  • advertising on the Internet (web, Facebook, etc.),
  • workshops and teambuilding events, discussions with authors, film screenings,
  • discounts and advantages in the procurement of services, goods and products.