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The water has taken over us. It happened back in the days when we were carelessly still enjoying the exhilaration of the weightlessness with which the water surrounded us and let us float in its infinite space. The water showed us the wildlife and opened all our senses to teach us to perceive other animals. To show us how to interact with them in a realistic way. So we began to perceive the stories of the water and its inhabitants, and gradually we realised that they were getting sadder and sadder.

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As proud as we are to have completed the first thematic strand of the Borrowed Planet programme, entitled Alienation, and to have it approved by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic as a set of teaching aids, we are humbled to realise that its implementation in education in all primary schools requires broad social support. We believe that nothing is more important and therefore, on behalf of the future of our children, we are appealing to all economic and civic actors to join the "100 Schools Campaign".

Objectives of the Požičaná planéta programme
  • modern, engaging and comprehensible environmental education and education for sustainable development and environmental protection in families, primary and secondary schools,
  • education, raising awareness of global issues and their local contexts, and gaining popular support for the Sustainable Development Goals,
  • increasing education and changing attitudes towards environmental protection and creation, climate change, preserving biodiversity, eliminating pollution and preventing and removing environmental burdens,
  • general acceptance and application of responsible lifestyles and civic engagement among a broad cross-section of the population of the Slovak Republic and the European Union.
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Partnership for the planet

Our civilisation faces the most important task in the history of mankind. Ensure our future development is sustainable. The role of our generation is, above all, to help our children and prepare them to fulfil this role. Partnership for the planet is for all those who have the opportunity and interest to support education and awareness on sustainable development and environmental protection.


Jaroslav Blaško
owner of dive 2000 production, s.r.o., diving instructor: Instructor Trimix TSA TI70986SK, Advanced EANx Instructor IANTD 4033 Author of „Cesty za tichom“ and „Požičaná planéta I.-V.“ Screenwriter, cameraman and director of documentary films, which won numerous awards at international film festivals, including the Grand Prix prize from the MFPP in the High Tatras, 6-time champion of Slovakia in the categories of photography and film from the aquatic environment.

About us