For the production of the thematic circuit Borrowed Planet IV. - Climate change, we signed a contract with financing through the DBU - German Federal Environmental Foundation.

DBU is Germany's largest environmental foundation, which supports environmental protection projects.

As part of this cooperation, the program also acquired a German partner, Thüringer Ökoherz, with whom we are also discussing the spread of the program in German-speaking countries.

We are also looking for partners for the production and distribution of the thematic areas of the program II.-V.


The Borrowed Planet is a comprehensive program of environmental education, education and awareness for sustainable development, which is created in cooperation with dive 2000 production, s.r.o., the Faculty of Natural Sciences UKF in Nitra and OZ Požičaná planeta pre školy. The program introduces key topics of sustainable development, divided into five thematic areas:
Alienation, Consumption, Biodiversity, Climate Change and The future is in our hands.

Objectives of the Požičaná planéta programme
  • modern, engaging and comprehensible environmental education and education for sustainable development and environmental protection in families, primary and secondary schools,
  • education, raising awareness of global issues and their local contexts, and gaining popular support for the Sustainable Development Goals,
  • increasing education and changing attitudes towards environmental protection and creation, climate change, preserving biodiversity, eliminating pollution and preventing and removing environmental burdens,
  • general acceptance and application of responsible lifestyles and civic engagement among a broad cross-section of the population of the Slovak Republic and the European Union.

Following the idea: "We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrowed it from our descendants", the programme builds on the process of computerisation of schools, uses modern means and raises and explains the issues of sustainable development and environmental protection in an engaging and comprehensible way. 

Individual topics are raised and further developed through:

-20 documentary films (4 films form one thematic field)

-5 multimedia literary works "Požičaná planéta I.-V." (one work for each thematic field)

-5 Specialized methodological handbooks for pedagogical practice "Environmentálna výchova a udržateľný rozvoj I.-V." (Environmental education and sustainable development) with more than 150 environmental activities for formal and non-formal education, intended for the second level of primary schools (one manual for each thematic field),

-20 Enviro-workbooks for family education and non-formal education in lower primary schools, with more than 150 environmental activities (4 enviro-workbooks for each thematic field)


The programme also includes 80 educational seminars, two in each regional city of the Slovak Republic, for each thematic field (2x8x5), which aim to facilitate the implementation of the programme in the process of education and training, education and greater awareness of the population of the Slovak Republic on key topics and goals of sustainable development.